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Episode 2
Have you ever wondered how you got yourself in this mess (i.e., law school) and if God really wants you here? Well, of course, it could be that he’s leading you out and on to something better, but why not take the opportunity to discuss it with your classmates?
Topics: Renewing one’s vision for law school; “hitting the wall” and wanting to quit school; thinking through ways to hang on to your idealism in a pragmatic system; evaluating the foundations of the lawyer’s calling
Featuring: University of Wisconsin/Madison IVCF staffer Rich Sicard and your fellowship
Leading the meeting:
  1. First, send the link of the YouTube video to your group or prepare to watch it together during the meeting. It’s about two minutes long. You can find the link on the clip itself or embed it on your group’s webpage. Here is the link: 
  2. Next, print the discussion questions from the CLS Website. 
  3. Decide whether you want to take one or two weeks to discuss these issues.  
  4. When you meet, you might consider breaking up into groups of 4 or 5 to discuss the questions, then coming together again in a larger group to share what was shared in the smaller groups. More people get to talk this way.

If you prefer, you can copy and past from here, or have group members go to the link themselves in advance.

 * * * * * *
Questions for Discussion
Part I
In the clip, Rich asks, “Why are you putting yourself through this?”
Q: What would you answer?

Q: Have you ever been at a place in your law school career when you wanted to give up? Even if you haven’t, have you ever asked yourself what ultimate good can come from a legal education? Have you ever doubted your decision to go to law school in the first place or second-guessed your reasons for studying law? Share your answers with you classmates.

Part II
Rich suggests that one reason we might hit discouragement in law school is that we have become one dimensional – we are all about the law, and we have perhaps neglected other dimensions of our lives. He says that “the law is not big enough for you.” Consider these ideas and discuss:
Q: Have you ever felt like you have abandoned the rest of your roles or duties to be a law student? Have you ever felt “one dimensional”? If not, how have you managed it? If so, do you think a change is necessary?

Q: Where does the Christian law student find his or her identity? Do you think there are pressures to find meaning, purpose, or identity in the legal profession? Is this good or bad? Why? Can you share examples of some of these pressures?

Q: What things do we need outside of law school to keep our focus? What ways have you battled the temptation to become one-dimensional?

Note for leaders: You might prompt discussion by talking about the varied life of faith that God calls us to in our families, relationships, and the local body. These things take time. Even our legal education is enhanced by relationships outside the law, with older folks in the body, other professionals, mentors, pastors and teachers, and our families. You might mention the role of recreation and rest as well. 
Part III
Finally, Rich notes that you should ask yourself, “Why are you here?”
Q: Take a minute to share how God led you to come to law school and to come to this particular school.

Q: When you came to school, did you have an idea about why you are here? Do you still have that vision and purpose? Has law school helped you lose some of your vision or idealism about what you wanted to accomplish with your legal education? How? How can you recover it?

Q: What do you think of Rich’s comments that you “are the hands and feet of God’s justice”? What does he mean by that? What sorts of legal careers can God use to further his purposes and his kingdom?

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