Campus Recognition

If you are a law student group seeking official recognition on your campus this year, we suggest the following.

1. Find out the requirements on how to become a recognized student organization on your campus.

2. As you go about fulfilling those requirements make sure to inform the appropriate person at your school (or Student Bar Association) that you intend on becoming a chapter of the Christian Legal Society, a national organization.

3. Take a close look at our model constitution and make sure to tailor yours to fit both your school's requirements as well as ours.

4. Submit your original signed constitution/by-laws to CLS (along with the signed affiliation agreement) and an exact copy to your school (also keeping a copy for your records).

5. Your school should recognize your group as a CLS chapter and you will receive confirmation from us via email or mail from us as well.

Last, in light of the recent decision in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, Law Student Ministries has been fielding questions on whether the case has consequences for CLS law student groups on other campuses.  For the most part, the answer is no-- Martinez is narrowly tailored to the unique policy of Hastings law school.   (By the way, if your administration is considering adopting a Martinez-style policy, you might consider speaking out against it, for these reasons).

Despite this, some administrators may misunderstand the Supreme Court's decision in MartinezHere are some basics about the decision that may be helpful to know before you meet with your law school administration. If you encounter a problem with recognition on campus, take these steps. We strongly advise that you consider the wisdom of taking other steps to to build strong relationships on campus, even before you seek recognition as an official student group.

We have more specific ideas, advice, and guidance.  If you are interested, please contact Mike Schutt or Dan Kim at Law Student Ministries, (855-357-9800, x 3303) or contact CLS's Center for Law & Religious Freedom directly.