Campus Fellowships

Law school is the formative period in every attorney's life - setting patterns and habits that will long endure and, in the case of bad tendencies, will only be broken with anguish. It is imperative that Christian law students seek out one another for fellowship, encouragement, and accountability. As a supplement to involvement in the local church, a Christian law fellowship should facilitate a closer relationship with Christ, so that in the words of the 10th century prayer, He may defend, refresh, preserve, guide, justify, and bless us.

For step by step advice and instructions on how to form a successful fellowship and CLS student chapter on campus please see the LSM Student Chapter Manual which is distributed to the fellowships every August to the Key Contacts at every law school fellowship. For free bible studies to guide your fellowship go here.

The manual also contains instructions on how to become a CLS Chapter ("Affiliation Materials"). To view these materials click here.

For a list of the fellowship groups on campus and contact person go here.

To update with CLS the contacts for your school's fellowship please contact the LSM office via phone or email. You can also download the LSM Annual Reporting Form and mail it to us at Christian Legal Society, Law Student Ministries, 8001 Braddock Rd, Ste 302, Springfield, VA  22151.

To contact CLS LSM for any questions on starting or restarting a fellowship please contact the LSM office at (703) 894-1085 or email us at