Bible Studies/Discussion Guides

CLS has put together a variety of ways to facilitate discussion and bible study on your law school campus. From 2 minute videos with a leader's and discussion outline to podcasts to a collection of Bible studies for student fellowship groups, students can use any one of the below so that the responsibility of discussion and study does not fall on one or two people. The subject matter and issues are pertinent to lawyers and law students in all walks of their life and profession. Please note that the bible studies are in .pdf format and need Adobe Reader to be downloaded.

YouTube Law Fellowship Discussion Starters
If you need ideas on how to generate discussion in your weekly meetings, use these one- to two-minute YouTube clips about the challenges facing Christian law students and grad students.  Complete with leader's guide and discussion questions. (In progress: two clips are now available).

Cross & Gavel Podcast
A weekly podcast hosted by Regent Law professor Mike Schutt, LSM director.  Accompanied by with a different guest each week, Professor Schutt discuss issues related to the lawyer's calling and the challenges of law school. Of particular interest to law students is Episode 4 during which Dan Kim and Mike Schutt discuss the importance of engaging the law school campus-- and whether it helps to have a CLS law student chapter.

CLS Bible Studies
CLS bible studies cover topics related to the study and practice of law as well challenging the Christian law student and attorney to grow spiritually while studying and practicing law. All of these studies (over a dozen) can be done by students, in a group over a school semester and are divided into 3 topics:

The Study of Law   |   The Practice of Law  |  Spiritual Growth

Essays and Articles
Informative articles that can also be used to faciliate discussion in large and small groups.

The Acquaintance With Things Human and Divine by Prof. Michael P. Schutt - A short introduction to the Christian foundations of law.

Toward a Reasoned Defense of the Peculiarly Christian Law Student by Prof. Michael P. Schutt - Some ideas about what it means to be a Christian in law school. From the Spring 2006 Christian Lawyer Magazine

Fellowships Founded on the Rock by Dan Kim - An essay about what a law student fellowship is and is not.