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Learning To Do Justice With The Love Of God

Christian Legal Society's Law Student Ministries has developed resources that will equip every fellowship (of every shape and size) to critically examine what it means to be a Christian law student and to have an effective fellowship on campus. These resources consist of the following:

Law Student Chapter Manual

The Law Student Chapter Manual provides answers to most of the questions that student leaders have about forming and running a chapter or fellowship.

Law Student Resource Packets

In August of every year, every registered CLS student chapter will receive a Resource Packet, containing valuable materials such as Bible studies, resource lists, service opportunities, and posters. This manual provides answers to most of the questions that student leaders have.  If you are a student chapter leader or advisor and have not received a Resource Packet for the current school year, please contact LSM at (855) 257-9800, ext 3304 or

Bible Studies & Materials Online

CLS Bible Studies are useful resources for Christian lawyers and law students written by Christian lawyers over the past years. The subject matter and issues are pertinent to lawyers in all walks of their life and profession. Please download and take time with other lawyers and law students to go "deeper." They are all in .pdf format and are available for download

The Institute for Christian Legal Studies

In addition to the above CLS bible studies we encourage students to check out the the Institute for Christian Legal Studies(ICLS). ICLS is a cooperative ministry with Regent Law School whose mission is to train and encourage Christian law students, law professors, and practicing lawyers to seek and study Biblical truth, including the natural law tradition, as it relates to law and legal institutions, and to encourage them toward spiritual growth, compassionate outreach to the poor and needy, and the integration of faith with learning, teaching, and legal practice. ICLS has developed a comprehensive web resource for Christian law students and lawyers.  Visit for an extensive and interactive bibliography, links, podcasts, and news feeds.   

Of particular interest is our weekly podcast, focusing on Christian calling in the law.

National Law Student Convention

In the fall of every year, CLS hosts the CLS National Conference.  This year's conference is in Colorado Springs, Colorado, October 18-21. In conjunction with this event, LSM conducts its National Law Student Convention (NLSC) - a time for students to come together for fellowship, sharing, mutual encouragement, and training. In addition to awarding NLSC scholarships for students to attend the convention, LSM will help students to raise money to attend this event through their local chapter. 

New Attorney Membership Program

Our desire is that new graduates make a smooth transition into CLS attorney membership so that they are able to locate like-minded attorneys in their practice areas, network with CLS members in their new locations, and so they can take advantage of CLS resources in this critical time of professional development.  To help make the transition happen, CLS offers graduating students the ability to renew or join at the law student rate (just $2 per month) for their first year out of school.  This is made possible by generous donations from CLS attorneys who want to help young lawyers make the transition into law practice as a part of the CLS family.

To Apply, please click here to join or here to renew. or Please let us know, too, whether you are interested in serving the local student chapter as an advisor or mentor!