Christian Conciliation

  • Is going to court the only option?
  • How can I use my legal expertise to bring people together instead of promoting disunity?

Is going to court the only option?

No! Court is not the only option for resolving conflicts. Through the ministry of Christian conciliation, specially trained members of the Christian Legal Society provide biblical, professional, legally binding Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services. All manner of disputes are resolved through Christian conciliation: business, sexual misconduct, contract, family, employment, church, and wrongful death, to name just a few. This rigorous, conciliatory process has been court-tested and widely approved by Christians and non-Christians alike.

Christian Legal Society invites you to learn more about Christian conciliation in order to promote justice, mercy, and unity. The following links to the Institute for Christian Conciliation (ICC), a division of Peacemaker® Ministries, explain Christian conciliation and court-tested conciliation clauses in more detail:

How can I use my legal expertise to bring people together instead of promoting disunity?

If you are a Christian legal professional, we encourage you to consider promoting Christian conciliation by:

If you currently represent or know of conflicted Christians (churches, parachurch ministries, businesses, families or individuals), please guide them in wisely responding to their conflicts in a biblically-faithful manner:

  • Review the Get Help of (and all supporting documentation) and encourage them to do the same
  • If time allows, also consider having everyone involved read The Peacemaker and complete The Peacemaker Workbook
  • Attempt to resolve the conflict privately, or with the assistance of the local church
  • If necessary, contact the ICC at to schedule a time to speak with a conflict coach and possibly open a formal mediation, arbitration, or conflicted organization case

Note: if you have an emergency situation with exigent circumstances (such as child abuse or a fatality), the ICC invites to you contact them directly without first attempting the above suggested steps.  Also, if the conflict involves a contract with a conciliation clause (language that says disputes must be resolved by mediation or arbitration under the ICC Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation), special rules may apply.  Be sure to mention the presence of a contract and conciliation clause when you contact the ICC.


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