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Learning to do Justice with the Love of God

The Christian Legal Society's Law Student Ministries ("LSM") division is located in our national headquarters in Springfield, VA. Since 1997, LSM has resourced and ministered to thousands of students over 150 law school campuses and at a handful of strategic Christian colleges.  In carrying out our mission, LSM affirms that the Lord, "a God of justice" (Isa. 30:18), is the supreme lawgiver and that His "higher" law serves as an immutable standard by which to assess human "positive" law.

LSM recognizes that, given the twilight of transcendence in the legal profession, law students desiring to submit every aspect of their calling to the Lord are confronted with serious challenges. LSM therefore regards the next generation of lawyers as a strategic people group and counts it a privilege to reach out to pre-law and law students who have the potential to be redeeming influences in the profession and the world in years to come.  By virtue of their calling, every student will have the opportunity, if adequately equipped, to glorify God and work for His kingdom in this world.  LSM is convinced that we must continue together in this task to "Learn to do Justice with the Love of God."

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