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The Christian Legal Society (CLS) communicates with its members and supporters through The Christian Lawyer magazine.

The Christian Lawyer is published several times each year.  It covers CLS' four major ministries: Attorneys, Law Students, Advocacy, and Legal Aid.  It also provides helpful resources for learning about and providing spiritual ministry within the legal community.  If you are interested in advertising in The Christian Lawyer magazine, please see our invitation to advertise and Rate Card.


Journal of Christian Legal Thought - Fall 2013   


CLS published the inaugural issue of The Journal of Christian Legal Thought in May 2011. The mission of the Journal is to equip and encourage legal professionals to seek and study biblical truth as it relates to law, the practice of law, and legal institutions. Theological reflection on the law, a lawyer’s work, and legal institutions is central to a lawyer’s calling, and the Journal exists to help practicing lawyers, law students, judges, and legal scholars engage in this theological and practical reflection, both as a professional community and as individuals.