Trinitarian Lawyers

“Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.”
- Hebrews 10:24

In January 2006, a Barna Group study revealed that only 33% of adults with a "biblical worldview" embraced the concept that involvement in a community of faith is part of spiritual maturity.

However, the commitment to live and work in relational community is central to the life of integrity because of the nature of the triune God. 

Unfortunately, lawyers tend to shy away from community.  Legal work tends to mostly be detail work, done alone - research, drafting, rewriting - and group activities tend to be performance oriented, which causes more isolation. 

Christian lawyers should seek fellowship in communities of other Christian lawyers. We need to pursue relationships with colleagues in the law who share our commitment to the broader body of Christ. Professor Rob Vischer suggests that community is central to one's identity as a Christian lawyer: "[Christian] lawyers practice virtue by the very fact that they engage, as a community, in the inquiry of what it means to be a [Christian] lawyer . . . By coming together to talk, as a community, about the ends of their faith and chosen profession . . . [they] have already embarked on the path of virtue."

Are you in community with other Christian lawyers?

Why not?

And what do you think you might be missing as a result?

CLS Prayer

Lord, thank you for brothers and sisters in the law who love you. Please give me the capacity to engage with others, support others, pray for others, and be blessed by others in my vocation. Remind me every day that I am your child and created in your image. Amen.

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(Adapted from Redeeming Law by Michael Schutt)