Robert Trierweiler
Cru (Formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)

Professional Experience Bob is a missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ where he has served since 2005 as Senior Legal Counsel and Director of Legal Ministries in the General Counsel’s Office. His primary areas of responsibility include domestic and international real estate and corporate and business transactions. He also manages the Faith and Law Around the Globe (FLAG) initiative that is designed to mobilize lawyers around the world to be effective witnesses for Christ. Bob has spoken numerous times within the United States and internationally on topics ranging from environmental issues and legal ethics to balancing priorities between professional success, personal and family life and spiritual growth and the role of lawyers as purveyors of the gospel.

Bob began his legal career at Porter Wright Morris and Arthur in Columbus, Ohio. For 29 years he practiced law in private practice and corporate settings primarily in the areas of environmental, real estate, business and corporate law. During that time he served in several capacities including Senior Environmental Counsel for a Fortune 150 company and as Counsel and Manager of Real Estate for a national proprietary educational institution. Bob is a 1976 graduate of The Ohio State University School of Law. He holds a BS degree from Colorado State University in Physical Science.

CLS Involvement In 1987, Bob Trierweiler was introduced to the Christian Legal Society in Indianapolis, Indiana, by a former board member of the Christian Legal Society, Herb Jensen. During subsequent years he participated in the monthly luncheons. He has been a speaker at a number of attorney chapters and the law school chapters of CLS in the Midwest and Florida. Bob and his wife Janice began working as volunteers at the 2009 CLS Conference in San Diego and have served at the conference every year since. In 2010, Bob was the liaison between Campus Crusade for Christ and CLS and served as a volunteer member of the conference committee. That year he coordinated the efforts of Campus Crusade for Christ to help provide volunteers and equipment for the conference in Orlando. The desire of Bob’s heart is that all lawyers who profess a faith in Jesus Christ will recognize that God has given them positions of influence and the ability to communicate ideas and that, in fulfillment of the Great Commission, they will use those skills and positions to share the gospel message with those in their spheres of influence.