For over 30 years, the Center has been a passionate yet measured voice for religious liberty in the courts, legislatures, and executive branch.

In the Courts


The Center actively fights for First Amendment rights at all levels of the American judicial system, including the Supeme Court. Based on the recommendations of a committee of First Amendment experts, the Center targets potentially influential cases and taps leading law professors and practitioners to assist Center staff in writing briefs and arguing cases to protect religious freedom.

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  • In the U.S. Supreme Court
  • In federal appeals and district courts
  • In state courts


In the Legislatures


The Center advances legislation protecting First Amendment rights by working with congressional colleagues and interested organizations to pass laws at both the state and federal level. The Center tracks legislation that threatens First Amendment rights and provides legal analysis and commentary on critical issues. As one example, the Center helped draft guidelines that formed the basis of the U.S. Department of Education’s guidance letter to school superintendents on religious expression in public schools. The Center also helped craft the White House’s guidelines protecting federal employees’ religious expression.

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In the Executive Branch

United States Department of Education “Religious Expression in Public Schools”: The Center assisted in drafting the guidelines that formed the basis for the Department of Education guidance letter sent to all school superintendents by both the Clinton and Bush Administrations. Guidance Letter

Presidential Guidelines on Religious Exercise and Religious Expression in the Federal Workplace: The Center helped craft guidelines that the White House eventually adopted to protect two million federal workers’ religious expression in the workplace.


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