2014 CLS National Conference


Christian Legal Aid Summit

The Christian Legal Society is pleased to present, in conjunction with some of our partners and Christian Legal Aid friends and clinics from across the country, a Christian Legal Aid Summit. CLA leaders, volunteers, and even those interested in starting a clinic will enjoy a day-long summit on October 2, covering as many aspects of Christian legal aid as possible in one meeting. The speakers will be presenting from experience and what they have learned over the years. It will be a unique and wonderful time of learning how and why we as Christians and Christian lawyers can help the poor and the needy in our areas. We hope to see you there!


Welcome and Introduction (8:00 a.m.)
The introduction and welcome will be given by Charles V. Hogren. Mr. Hogren graduated from Wheaton College in 1958 and Northwestern University School of Law in 1961. After ten years of private practice with two law firms in Chicago’s Loop, Mr. Hogren co-founded the Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic, a ministry of LaSalle Street Church, and served as its Executive Director for twenty-four years. Mr. Hogren also served as a consultant to the Public Ministries Committee of the Christian Legal Society for several years. This work involved helping train attorneys to establish free Christian legal aid clinics in cities around the country.

Session 1

Development (Karen Marchant)  1 Hour CLE
Karen Marchant is the development officer for Mile High Ministries in Denver and will discuss and share the aspects of creating and sustaining a development program.

Criminal Law – Restoration and Redemption (Gretchen Slusser and Beth Johnson) 1.5 Hour CLE
During this workshop Gretchen and Beth will explain practical ways that Criminal Law can be practiced in a Christian legal aid clinic.  The workshop will include a Criminal 101 discussion and will also include a session about how Criminal law can be used to help clients with restoration and redemption.


Session 2

Pro Bono Clinic Practice Management I:  Office Set Up and Management – (CJ Masimore and Patricia Gandy) 1 Hour CLE
Both CJ and Patricia will explain the ABC’s of office set up and management for a Christian legal aid ministry.  The discussion will include matters related to: (1) document storage; (2) technology; (3) managing volunteers; (4) managing staff; and (5) reaching out to clients.  The workshop is intended to encourage those who are overwhelmed with the prospect of opening a new clinic as well as those who already have clinics but are searching for ways to better run the clinics with which they are involved.  

Pro Bono Clinic Practice Management II:  Making Low Resources Work with High Demand/ Training Offered and Required for Volunteers and Staff (Jim Helfrich and Sarah dela Cruz McKendricks) 1 Hour CLE 
There are two things that many Christian legal aid ministries have in common. – (1) They usually do not have a ton of resources; (2) However, they usually have a very high demand from clients who are in desperate need help.  The purpose of this workshop will be to discuss how you make those two things work together without your volunteers and paid staff getting burnt out.  Additionally, Jim and Sarah will talk about the best way to train volunteers and how often volunteers should be trained. 

Immigration Law (Susan Friedel and Ben Johnson) 1.5 Hour CLE
Susan and Ben will lay out in detail the nuts and bolts for becoming BIA accredited.  Once an organization becomes BIA accredited, both lawyers and non-lawyers can help with immigration law issues.  They will discuss why this is such an asset for a legal aid progam.  In addition to discussing the BIA accreditation process, Susan and Ben will also cover Immigration 101, where they will teach immigration law basics.  


The cost for this pre-conference program is $95.  Special assistance with travel and lodging may be available for Legal Aid practitioners. Please contact CLS at CLA@clsnet.org with any questions.   Click here to register now!


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