2014 CLS National Conference

Christian Legal Scholars’ Symposium

Civil Rights, Pluralism, and Freedom of Association

Friday, October 3 with Optional Discussion Workshops, Saturday, October 4

This year’s symposium will feature a luncheon presentation and optional interactive workshops throughout the confer- ence. It is geared toward students, but attorneys and others are welcome to attend. Our focus will be the challenges that arise when non-discrimination requirements collide with our commitment to religious liberty and pluralism.

Sponsored by The Center for Public Justice


Friday, October 3

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM:   Lunch - Whose Dignity? Which Freedom? Honoring both Equality Rights and Freedom of Religious Exercise in the Context of Private Organizations

        Stephanie Summers, Center for Public Justice

Stanley Carlson-Thies, Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance John Inazu, Associate Professor of Law, Washington University School of Law

Note: Lunch is free to any registered law student; cost is $45 for attorneys and guests. Attorneys must register in advance!

Optional Follow-up Workshops: Join us for deeper discussions carrying forth from Friday’s luncheon presentations:

• Equal treatment: Individual Equality v. Organizational Freedom?

• Religious accommodation in the age of civil rights? Yes!

Saturday, October 19

• Religious exercise in the stream of commerce? What rights for wedding photographers, religious broadcasters, marriage counselors, Hobby Lobby?

This year, we are suggesting Advance Reading for participants.  (Coming Soon)


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