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How to Start a Clinic


Welcome!  We've been praying for you!  It's great to know that you have a heart for serving those in need of legal assistance.

If you are interested in starting a Christian Legal Aid project in your community, please follow these steps:

    1. See if there is already a CLA center in your community and if so contact them about getting involved. To find out if a CLA center already exists in your area please visit our directory.
    2. Check out the Christian Legal Aid Manual for information about as well step by step directions on how to start a Clinic in your area.

      • You can browse the online version here (or go directly to a section in the manual by selecting from left hand side menu); or
      • You can download the full version here (.pdf file).
    3. E-mail us with any further questions you may still have - and we will send you additional information.


If you are in the process of trying to recruit other interested attorneys in your area to start a clinic:


Introduction to CLS Recommended Christian Legal Aid


What Is It?                  Providing legal and related spiritual advice, limited assistance and referral mostly by volunteer Christian lawyers (and law students and paralegals under supervision). Services rendered include advice on commonly occurring simple problems of the poor and homeless. Christian lawyers team up with local sponsors such as Gospel/rescue missions, Salvation Army units, churches and church ministries having a common purpose in serving the poor and homeless.
How Is it Carried Out?               By interviewing and helping certain of the poor and homeless if possible on the site of the sponsor agency or church and by using CLS developed basic practice tools, which simplify the rendering of legal services by any volunteer.

Why Do It?                                       

  Because God commands His people to “defend the needy and the afflicted” in numerous commands similar to Prov. 31:9 and because volunteers are finding this to be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling ways to serve the Lord in their profession.
Who Can Do It?    Any Christian lawyer and law student or paralegal who agrees to volunteer three to four hours a month (or more) as an interviewer (and/or as a backup lawyer or resource person for interviewers) and is willing to take a CLS developed basic training course to equip him or her for such service.
What Else Does it Do?   Provides voluntary opportunities for lawyers or law students to be discipled, mentored or nurtured and trained by more experienced lawyers, and, for all volunteers to become advocates of the cause of the poor.



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