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CLS Staff Roster

The below are extensions off our main number 703-642-1070.


David Nammo, J.D.

Executive Director and CEO
Ext 501 or dnammo@clsnet.org


Senior Counsel Kim Colby

Kim Colby, J.D.

Director for the Center of Law and Religious Freedom
Ext 401 or kcolby@clsnet.org


Ken Liu, J.D.

Director of Christian Legal Aid
Ext 301 or kliu@clsnet.org


Michael P. Schutt, J.D.

Director, Attorney & Law Student Ministries
Director, Institute of Christian Legal Studies
Editor, Journal of Christian Legal Thought

Ext 201 or mschutt@clsnet.org


Peter Smith, CPA, MBA 

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operations Officer
Ext 503 or psmith@clsnet.org


Courtney Herron, M.A. 

Director of Development and Communications
Ext 505 or cherron@clsnet.org



Ext 501 or memmi@clsnet.org


Samuel Potter

Ext 504 or spotter@clsnet.org









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