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Luncheon Speaker for May 21st

Mike Schutt to Speak on the Church-State Divide and the New Tolerance

Our speaker at the Belo on Thursday, May 21st, will be Mike Schutt, CLS Director of Attorney and Student Ministries.  Many of you know Mike as the author of REDEEMING LAW--Christian Calling and the Legal Profession, an outstanding book on why Christians should be in the profession of law and regard law as a sacred calling.  Mike is an excellent communicator who emcees the CLS national conferences each year. 

Mike will speak about Christian Dualism and the New "Tolerance"—in Mike’s words, "how we got ourselves into this mess and what we might be looking forward to."  (You can chastise him on the dangling participle if I don’t do it first.)

He’ll be discussing the continuing decline of religious liberty and current attitudes toward a robust public Christianity. 

Your homework for this could be to read Rod Dreher’s perspective in the recent Time magazine about the controversial Indiana law. 

Bring a friend and enjoy the fellowship!  Consider bringing non-believers as this could powerfully inform their perspective of the ongoing dialogue on religious liberty.

Future Speakers

Here’s the upcoming speaker list so you can make a point of setting aside time on your calendar to hear from these committed Christians:

June 18--Steve Wakefield, General Counsel, Buckner International

July 16--Don Kelly, Peacemakers Instructor

September 17--Dr. Darrell Bock, Senior Research Professor, DTS



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